Monday, September 21, 2009

It's been a long time since my last post... So I'm going to bet that no one will even check up to look at this post, which is great! That means I have free reign on what I can say!! YEAH!! So here goes...
Do you ever just have those days when everything makes you upset and frustrated? Or rather the things that normal bug you aren't bugging you, and the things that normally don't bug you are just making you crazy!! Well I have been having one of those days for the past two weeks, or at least it feels like it's been two weeks. My family, who sometimes gets overwhelming, loud, cranky, and sometimes I just need some quiet time to get away from them. The past few weeks I have just wanted to spend my time with them. I wanted to be at home, playing games with my nephews, relaxing on the couch and watching tv with my sisters and parents. Then there are other places that I usually run to when I'm ready for that quiet time that normally doesn't come at my house. Lately those places have felt restless... I haven't been able to stay there for longer than an hour before I'm ready to explode and get out! I don't know what has changed? Growing appreciation for my family? Over exposure to these other sources of comfort? Who knows, but I wish I could figure it out.
I've been finding myself easily offended lately, and extremely over protective of my family. It's ok for me be upset and vent about a fight, but when you start thinking my family is crazy and weird I might just punch you in the face. Now no worries no has called my family crazy or weird... yet, but still just the thought that someone might be thinking it, or saying it behind my back... get ready for a beat down!
Then there's always other people's double standards that make me crazy!! Oh man this is such a negative post, sorry if anyone is reading it, there are just things I need to get off my chest!!
Well if you read hopefully you weren't offended by something I said, and hopefully it was enjoyable. Maybe I'll start writting more!

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Ace said...

oh, I'm a stalker. ;)